Organization of Islamic Cooperation established Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector when famine was declared in 2011. The sector has been supported and enriched by Coalition members of International and local organizations.

Since establishment, Sector Meetings has been organized twice a week in 2011 and once a week/twice a week in 2012 and once a month in 2013/2014.

The aim of the sector is to coordinate WASH interventions being implemented by Coalition organizations and advocate for responses to WASH gaps and needs throughout the country.

WASH Sector Activities

  • Bring together all WASH involved organizations of OIC coalition members and discuss WASH issues/concerns/needs and gaps, and share planned and implemented activities to deter potential overlaps and duplications of resources and efforts.
  • Strengthen capacity of WASH involved organizations to keep up high quality services provision that best address community WASH needs in Somalia.
  • Support OIC Coalition members in technical matters related to WASH.
  • Organize joint WASH needs assessments and joint responses to communities affected with WASH emergencies in Somalia